How Much Should a Pastor Tell His Wife? – The Gospel Coalition Blog

My beloved husband shared this with me today, and for any other wives of pastors (or potential pastors), this may serve to be helpful!

The Gospel Coalition: How Much Should a Pastor Tell His Wife? – The Gospel Coalition Blog.

Pastors know privileged information not simply because of their positions but because of their influence. Trust has been established. Help has been previously offered and accepted. The sheep find in the shepherd a safe place to share deep, personal information. But this relationship becomes complicated when pastors receive personal information in confidence but need to seek additional help to know how to extend wise care and counsel.

The pastor’s wife further complicates confidentiality. After all, she is the pastor’s helpmate and support. She cares for him on a daily basis. When he comes home for dinner, she sees the burdens weighing on him. She bears the brunt of his distracted mind. She deals with his clipped responses. And she naturally wants to know, “What is wrong?”

So how much does a pastor share with his wife? Should a pastor keep some things from his wife? Let me turn for a balanced perspective to my wife—a pastor’s wife…

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