A Few Thoughts on Reading

I remember every summer, my brothers and I, when we were younger, had reading lists full of books to complete. We were always excited to tackle those books, enjoying the new worlds we’d enter as we read. I was reminded of those times last week when I signed up for a library card at my local branch. What great times those were! My little brain could fly through those books at light speed! I can’t say that’s the case now. Now, I struggle to finish books. It’s not that I don’t desire to; my mind gets flooded with all of my other responsibilities – ones I didn’t have when I was a grade schooler.

In this current stage of my life, I am a homemaker. My days are spent taking care of our home, doing some reading, cooking, and running various errands while trying to learn, or improve upon, skill sets. While I have great and grandiose visions of voraciously reading books like I did when I was younger, it’s just not the reality. I have so many books that I dream of completing, and have even made my own reading list, but it’s a struggle.

I admire those pastors that find the time to read book after book, lovingly and faithfully pastor a flock, care for their families well, and even write a blog entry! This lets me know that it can be done.

Oh, Lord, help my mind. Make it able and agile. Grant me a hunger to read those books that would help me in my life as a Christian, as a wife, a woman, a homemaker, and some day (prayerfully) mother. Grant me the ability to retain and help me grow from what I read. May it pour over into all areas of my life, causing me to love and serve more, to desire greater things, and ultimately to love You and understand more of You. Although Your Word is more than sufficient, You have granted and blessed us with authors that have particular wisdom and insight. May I take advantage of all the resources You have placed in front of us. In Jesus’ name, amen.

2 thoughts on “A Few Thoughts on Reading

  1. Evelyn Thomas says:

    Jenn, this is great and so very well written. I love it that you are so eager to learn and grow. You are truly a great addition to our family. Your love for your God, your husband, and your home shines through your words and actions. Be blessed. Love you.

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