A Sweet Skirt for a Sweet Girl

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When David and I first started dating, I visited Austin in December of 2010 to spend time with him. It was during that time that I met his friends, Josh & Christina. They had been in Austin for a few months at that point, having moved here due to Josh being brought on staff at the church as an Assistant Pastor. I was still living in Dallas at that time, so arrangements were made for me to stay with Josh & Christina during my visit. When I met her, Christina & we immediately hit it off and she fast became my closest sister over the next few months. She has been, and is, a sweet & dear friend to me. She & Josh have three beautiful children – 2 boys (3 year old & 5 months old) and 1 girl (2 years old). They refer to my husband as “Uncle Dae-Dae” and to me as “Aunt Jenn”! We love our nephews and niece!

A few weeks ago, while on Pinterest, I found a sewing tutorial for a sweet skirt with lace trim and immediately thought of my niece. I’d received several boxes of fabric (more on the gifts of the fabric AND my sewing machine in an upcoming post!) which included a fabric reminiscent of Minnie Mouse! My sweet niece absolutely loves Minnie so I thought, what a great fabric to use to make a gift for her! I purchased some spools of lace from Joann’s along with some red thread and decided to tackle this project yesterday!

Getting ready to sew!

Lace sewn on!

All done!

All done!



For a little bit of flair, I mainly used white thread for the project but used red thread on the bobbin. At a few times during sewing, I switched the thread and bobbin colors.

As far as my niece? She LOVED the skirt! She was so excited to see it when I walked in the door. She kept saying “my skirt!” after I put it on her. What a sweet girl, and now she has a sweet skirt! I’m so glad she liked it and I am looking forward to doing some more in the future for other sweet little girls!


4 thoughts on “A Sweet Skirt for a Sweet Girl

    DetroitFamilyFun said:
    10/03/2013 at 7:53pm

    Nice work!! I am still a Fabric Fusion seamstress but I am challenging myself in the new year with a sewing class. I always see such cute ideas on Pinterest!

      Jenn Robinson said:
      10/04/2013 at 6:58pm

      Thanks so much! Sewing is such a relaxing and rewarding thing! :-) Thanks for visiting the blog!

        DetroitFamilyFun said:
        10/04/2013 at 10:08pm

        I am a bleeder and I ALWAYS seem to stick my finger and THEN I remember to get the thimble, then I see the stitch is all wrong and I need to start over, then BOOM it’s fabric fusion time. I guess I just haven’t found the right project yet :)

        Jenn Robinson said:
        10/04/2013 at 10:35pm

        You should try your hand at this one! It was super easy :-)

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