Soul of a Home Designs

Soul of a Home DesignsSoul:
the animating principle; the essential element or part of something.

What makes your home yours? What are the things about your home that make it clear that you live there? It’s what you add to it. There’s nothing like providing your own personal touch to the place where you spend much of your time. You make it warm, you make it inviting, you make it, well… you.

Soul of a Home Designs was birthed out of a desire to make things for my home that were unique to me. My husband and I both have our own thoughts of what makes a home beautiful and by creating them, we could ensure that we would have what we desired.

That desire for our home became a desire for others’ homes. I want to help you make your home beautiful by adding those essential elements to the soul of your home!

Check out the store on Etsy:

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