Review: BIC Soleil Shine Razors

(I received these razors for free from BIC via BzzAgent along with several coupons in exchange for my honest review! #GotItFree)

When I first received the email inviting me to this campaign, I have to admit – I didn’t understand the appeal and importance of having 5 blades. I’d had such a great experience with my previous BIC campaign so I knew these razors would not disappoint. I asked my husband why 5 blades would be so special and he explained to me that with more blades, there’s potential for a much closer shave. My husband, handsome, with a clean-shaven head, shaves everyday, so I definitely trusted his input!

2016-03-25 08.59.27

I’d shaved the day before my BzzKit came so I allowed myself a few days before I used them. Upon opening them, I immediately liked the colors! The shape is exactly the same as their Soleil Glow razors. The 5 blades were a little intimidating, but I grabbed my shaving cream and got ready to ‘de-fuzz’ my legs.

2016-03-25 09.00.27My first reaction was, “Wow, this is a close shave!” Without even feeling my legs to check, I could tell that the blades were cutting very close. I got a little nervous because I was afraid that I’d cut myself, which didn’t happen. The head pivots so as the razor glided over my knee and calf area, areas which are not flat, the razor adjusted to accommodate the change in surface. I was amazed at how smooth my legs felt once I was done. And 2 days later, they still are. I am glad that they have the moisture strip, which I am sure helps to prevent the legs from being irritated from such a close shave.

A difference that I noticed between the BIC Soleil Glow and the BIC Soleil Shine is that the Shine is missing the comfort shield that the Glow has. I think this would be a great addition to the Shine. Also, in my shower, I have both a Shine and a Glow razor hanging from my shower caddy. While I personally know which is which, there is nothing that differentiates between the 2 as far as branding / labeling. They both simply have “Bic Soleil” on the handle. Because there are so many in the BIC Soleil line (Glow, Bella, Shine, Twilight etc.), I think this would be smart of BIC to do. For the person that happens to just grab them on a whim, they may forget the type of razor once they run out, and not be able to repurchase.

Would I buy these again? Absolutely. I used to use other brands of razors, but ever since my last campaign with BIC, I’ve become brand loyal. The Soleil Shine does not disappoint.

(Note: I received several coupons for $3 off. These razors retail for $5.99 at Target, $5.97 at HEB, and $7.79 at CVS)

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