Upcoming Sewing Projects


Image from Elle Apparel

It has been a while since I have sewn something, and with Spring on the horizon (March 20th to be exact!), I am feeling the need to sew! Dresses are my favorite – so comfortable, breezy, and feminine! I have wanted to make dresses for a while, so I figured that there is no time like the present. Due to temporary downsizing, I am unable to craft, but I definitely have enough space to sew!

Here are the next 5 projects I plan to complete! Once done, I’ll definitely post pictures and write about my experience with each tutorial & pattern.

1) Elle Apparel – Side Slit Maxi Dress
No one can go wrong with a maxi dress. With the various styles out there, there is sure to be a style for every woman on the planet. I am excited to choose my fabric for this one!

2) It’s Always Autumn – The Play All Day Dress
I have a 5 year old niece and she is cute as can be. She’s the girliest girl that I know and she loves wearing dresses! These look really easy and quick to make so I will probably make her a few of these.

3) Sewing Rabbit – Easy Maxi Dress
This maxi dress looks super comfortable! Ah! Cannot WAIT to make this.

4) Sewing Rabbit – Elastic Waist Maxi Skirt
Skirts are so fun to wear and dress up or down. This looks fairly simple and easy (I hope!)

5) Inspiration Made Simple – Adjustable Bow Tie
I have tons of sweet little boys in my life that would look absolutely precious in a bow tie! These are a pretty quick, simple project so I can see myself making several!

I have made bags and other non-wearables and have never made a piece of clothing. Hopefully, it goes well. I am excited!

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