My Favorite Ways to Save (& GAIN!) Money

moneyOver the past few years, as my husband and I have sought to manage our money well, I have been pretty diligent in looking for ways to save money. He handles the financial aspect of our household (and does a great job at it too!) and so I seek to do what I can to make sure that we adhere to that in the grocery area. When we first met, I did not coupon. He actually introduced me to it! Then I took that and ran with it. It is basically free money. Visiting the websites listed below, clipping paper coupons… free money. And it doesn’t impede upon my daily schedule. A lot of people think that it takes a ton of time to coupon, and it may.. if you’re an extreme couponer. But – I am not that!

Here are some of my favorite ways to save money below. Leave a comment if you have any questions!

Email Lists

Sign up for email lists of your favorite brands, stores, restaurants, etc. They often send out exclusive specials and coupons! For instance, just this week, I received a BOGO offer at First Watch (one of our favorite breakfast / brunch spots) just for signing up for their e-club. Also, many restaurants will send you offers on your birthday for free food items, usually an entree OR a dessert. Just this week, I received an offer from Schlotzsky’s for my half birthday. Yes, my HALF birthday!

Loyalty / Rewards Programs

If a store, restaurant, etc, offers a loyalty program, sign up! This is a great way to get “VIP” deals. For instance, World Market has their Explorer program which allows you to earn a reward for every $10 $200 you spend. They also have a coffee perks program. My husband and I LOVE their coffee! For every 6 bags you buy, you get a free bag. Score!

Coupon Websites (You need a printer for these)

**NOTE: Oftentimes, you can write a company directly and ask them for coupons using the contact section on the website if they do not have any listed. Most companies are happy to send you some, and they may even send you some free items. This has happened to me several times. A haircare line actually sent me a HUGE box full of multiple products for free. I have also received a large container of my favorite raw honey, coupons for free pints of  my favorite dairy free ice cream, and more!

Phone Apps

  • If you are in Central or South TX, HEB (allows you to see prices of items and offers digital coupons)
  • Flipp (shows you ads from your area; also helps you to search for a particular item to see all of the sale prices on it that week)
  • Ibotta (sign up via to receive a $10 bonus when you redeem your first unique offer; continue accruing and redeeming offers to redeem for gift cards. This is a great way to earn gift cards! Since I have installed it, I have redeemed over $100 worth of gift cards. Check for new offers daily)
  • Any apps of the stores you visit often, i.e. Sprouts and Whole Foods for me (digital coupons) including department stores like Macy’s, DSW, JC Penney, Target Cartwheel, etc.

Online Shopping (earn points from online transactions; redeem for gift cards or cash)

Online Surveys (take surveys & earn points to redeem for gift cards or cash)

Free Samples (these go out 4x/year – once every season)


Panel Testing Sites

Sign up for any of these sites and you can often get free items sent to you in exchange for your honest review. I’ve gotten an office chair, personal care items (body wash, deodorant, shampoo, conditioner, full hair product lines, skincare, makeup, toothpaste, etc), food items, household care items, and so much more. It is a great way to learn about new items while helping companies to know what consumers think about their products.

L’Oreal –
Crowdtap (this one is unique in that you can do surveys for points AND sign up for campaigns)

One thought on “My Favorite Ways to Save (& GAIN!) Money

  1. esrt5072 says:

    Gosh Jenn, this is great! You have shared a wealth of money saving information. I’m inspired. Thanks so much. I’ll let you know how I do.

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