cropped-0350.jpgHi! Thanks for visiting my blog, A Learning Wife. My name is Jenn and I live in Texas, with my wonderful husband, David.

I started this blog to document & chronicle the things that I learn as a wife, hence the name “A Learning Wife”. Married on 7/28/12, I have learned, and am learning, so much as a wife! I am learning how to love my husband well, how to handle working while keeping the home and being a wife, new recipes, new or improved hobbies & skills (like sewing & crafting!), more about Jesus and His Gospel, how to manage life, and so much more! While this blog will have an array of different topics posted, it is my hope and prayer that this will be of encouragement to other women that are single, courting, engaged, or married like myself! By no means is this blog a statement of me having it together! Oh no! This blog is a means of showing off God’s grace to me and my need for Him daily as I learn, learn, and learn! I’ll be sharing articles I come across, delicious recipes, various tutorials, what I am reading in God’s Word and in books, sermons & messages, cooking methods, sewing projects… all things!

As a woman, I am convicted, and desire, to fulfill my role as a helper fit (Gen 2:18) for my husband according to God’s Word in Genesis. My husband has been called to work & keep (Gen 2:15), and I am called to help him to do this. As I have heard from wiser ones in the Faith, “The husband is oriented to the task, and the wife is oriented to him.” This is my heart and my desire, and this is a huge scope. It is affected by the way that I grow and live my life as a believer in Jesus Christ, how I grow and live my life as the feminine woman who God has created me to be, how I serve others, and how I, through the Spirit’s work, cultivate a submissive heart and disposition toward my husband.

Feel free to browse the site, leave a comment, subscribe to the blog, or drop me an email!

Grace and peace,


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  1. CharMaine says:

    So wonderful to hear a new wife embrace the beauty of being a wife as God intended. It is a great honor to pursue a walk that tells the truth about God. Marriage show the world two imperfect people living out our Saviors ordained covenant and all its greatness. Wives humbly standing in the truth that “we are not our own” but we are His. We are His handiwork, His workmanship, fashioned for a purpose, divinely created to do His good work, for His good pleasure.

    I commend you in your new found role. It is a beautiful one. I look forward to walking along side you and hearing all about your journey as “wife”..
    God’s Time ~ CharMaine from “TimeOut” – http://mytimeout.net/

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