Making Kombucha

This year, I started making my own kombucha at home! My husband and I love it and drink it quite often so the logical next step was to start brewing my own. GT’s is our favorite brand, but at $3 a bottle, it was a little bit of a pricier indulgence. I knew that I wanted to make sure that we could still enjoy  it, so I took the leap. The benefits for gut health are amazing and we overall just enjoy the fizzy, effervescent, cold tea!

I received 2 SCOBYs from 2 different friends and purchased bottles and a large jar. I did a LOT of research (didn’t want to kill us!) , specifically utilizing the You Brew Kombucha website and YouTube channel (SO helpful).

I chose these swingtop bottles and they have been great. They help produce a wonderfully fizzy (almost geyser-like lol) kombucha each time. We also saved quite a few of our GT’s bottles as well.

For flavoring, I use a combination of candied ginger, dried teas, and fruit purees & juices. I don’t add sugar when bottling because there is enough natural sugar in the fruit juices and purees.

Here are some of my favorite flavor combinations in my 16 ounce bottles!

Jenn’s Blend
1 – 2 teaspoons of dried hibiscus flowers
1 piece of candied ginger, sliced into 4ths

David’s Blend
1 teaspoon of dried peach tea
1 piece of candied ginger, sliced into 4ths

Passionfruit Pom Ginger
4 tablespoons of pom juice
1 piece of candied ginger, sliced into 4ths
1 teaspoon of dried passionfruit tea