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Holiday Cleaning: Our Keurig

One of the things that I really enjoy about Pinterest is that there are SO many D.I.Y. pins! From creating to cooking to modifying to cleaning, doing it yourself has become much easier. Some months back, I pinned information on cleaning your Keurig coffee maker. Ours started behaving strangely only a few months after we got it last year so we went back to the good old-fashioned coffee pot! Since I am normally off work on Wednesdays and Thursdays, I like to use my time to get cleaning done. I decided that last Wednesday would be the day that I cleaned the Keurig and hopefully get it working like new again. I grabbed the pin from my “Keeping it Clean” board and gathered everything that I needed to get started.

dish soap, all purpose cleaner, microfiber towel, toothbrush, and of course - our Keurig!

dish soap, white vinegar, all-purpose cleaner, microfiber towel, toothbrush, and of course – our Keurig!

In the post, she says to use pure white vinegar. I had distilled so that is what I used! Also, her Keurig is totally different from ours (her reservoir detaches; ours does not) so I had to adapt it our model. It was a very easy process to follow.

wiping out the k cup holder

wiping out the k cup holder

waiting for the 'vinegar brew'

waiting for the ‘vinegar brew’

here it comes!

here it comes!

The most time-consuming part of it all was brewing cup after cup (after cup… after cup… lol) of water to make sure that the vinegar was completely rinsed out. I think I ‘brewed’ at least 10 cups! And you know what? It works now!

With the holidays upon us, that means lots of company along with coffee, great conversation, (and sweets!) Now, we can use our Keurig again & they can brew their own beverage of choice! I am looking forward to grabbing some K Cups during my next grocery trip so that we can put our Keurig back to good use.

all fresh and clean!

all fresh and clean!

My Latest Sewing Project: A Messenger Bag!

In my quest to continue to grow in my sewing skills & knowledge, I decided to attempt this messenger bag tutorial by Amber at Crazy Little Projects. My husband graciously accompanied me to Joann’s on Saturday and helped me pick out my fabric. After I picked the main fabric, I was a little stuck while looking for a good coordinating fabric. David was so helpful that I proclaimed him as my “fabric advisor” and vowed to ask him to come with me every time I need to pick out fabrics!

This was my first time working with fusible fleece, and my first time attempting a project of this magnitude. I am so glad I did! There is nothing like wearing or using something that you made yourself!

Let's get ready to rumble!

Let’s get ready to rumble!

I cut my pieces on Monday and finished assembling my bag this morning. I got stuck on a few parts here and there while I was working on it, but Amber was quick to respond to my questions. After I’d stepped away and come back to it, the things that had me stuck ended up making perfect sense! This morning, when I finished my bag, I was so excited! I danced, jumped up & down, & squealed with joy! I couldn’t wait to show my husband!

For those that are interested in the cost for this project, here is the breakdown:
1 yard of fusible fleece$5.09 (normally $8.49, but it was 40% off)
1 yard of flourish flower print$6.99 (normally $9.99, but it was 30% off)
1 yard of baroque damask plum print$5.59 (normally $7.99, but it was 30% off)
Total = $17.67

Coupons and sales definitely help to keep costs down! Having these amounts in my mind will definitely prepare me for future bags that I may want to make (and I do plan to make many more!) I do plan to make other messenger bags, but I will make them smaller! This bag is a little large compared to what I normally prefer, but I still am absolutely fond of it! It is super versatile and can be used as a book bag, diaper bag, a fancy gym bag, & so much more!

Alas! On to the pictures!

My newly finished messenger bag

My newly finished messenger bag!

The inside coordinating fabric

The inside coordinating fabric!

Inside pocket!

Inside pocket for my phone, pens, and pocket change!