Why I Create

Creating has always been my thing ever since I was young. It started with writing songs and poems, playing guitar, and singing and has blossomed into so much more. Now, I absolutely enjoy creating & crafting in various forms, whether it’s sewing, baking, cooking, creating home decor, candle making… whatever! You name it, I like it (or want to try it!)

On this blog, you will find reviews and pictures of recipes, of sewing tutorials & patterns, my sewing works in progress, my crafting projects, and more!

But… how did I get into these things?

I have owned my sewing machine, a Brother SB3129, since September of 2013. It was a birthday gift from my parents. I grew up with a mom that could sew anything! I remember going to our local fabric store and looking at patterns, knowing that my mom could create those things. I never knew how much went into it! I used to try to make clothing for my dolls with fabric, a needle, and thread, but never had much interest in learning how to use her sewing machine. I started sewing my making skirts, bibs, bags, and other accessories. I then developed an interest in creating my own clothing. As a curvier women who desires to be modest, sometimes the right fit is hard to find. I have a dream of having a closet filled with things that I have made. As of March of 2017, I have tackled my very 1st pattern after avoiding them due to them seeming so complicated! After encouragement from my husband, my mom, and reviews over at Pattern Review, I’m on my way, and loving the process! Some cool things I own – a sewing box owned by my husband’s grandmother and some pinking shears my mom has had for years.

My mom was / is the best cook! Every recipe she has made is amazing; even the ones that she thinks are not tasty always taste great. She makes the best carrot cake, german chocolate cake, chile rellenos, and so much more. Growing up, she would try to include me on cooking & baking; I just wasn’t interested. I remember one Christmas, I made a chocolate cake which my brothers and uncle referred to as a ‘chocolate biscuit’. They ate it! But there was so much left over… lol! When I moved to Philadelphia in 2007, a dear friend, Misha, sent me a wonderful care package that included measuring spoons, dish towels, a quesadilla maker, a mixing bowl, lentils, chocolates, and so much more! It was an amazing care package and this was the catalyst that got me interested in cooking & baking. Fast forward 10 years, and I absolutely love it! I specialize in making foods dairy and gluten free, which is so much fun!

I started making candles years ago while my husband I were dating. I used various waxes, colors, and scents and gave them to friends and family as gifts.That turned into a desire to try my hand at home decor.Fast forward to a couple of years ago and I decided to start making wreaths. I learned that I had a knack for it and started my Etsy store for home decor, Soul of a Home. While it is currently on hiatus due to temporary limited crafting space, it will reopen this Fall!