The Blessing of My Beloved

pic24Thursday morning started off as any other morning did. It was an off day so I woke up around 8 to the sound of my sweet husband getting ready for work. As he continued his morning routine, I got out of the bed, made us some smoothies, and cleaned up my mess. I have been dealing with horrible allergies for the past few weeks (hello, cedar fever!) so I ran and grabbed some tissue to blow my nose. As I bent down, I felt my back lock up and I could not stand up straight. This had happened back in August, but this was a bit different. After he left for work, I tried to make it through the day normally, but time would very quickly tell that that would not be possible. David came home from work early to help me get to a doctor. He patiently helped me dress, get in the car, and helped me walk. Never once did he complain or give off any indication of inconvenience. He sweetly comforted me during my appointment as I cried from sheer pain, and he took such great care of me over the next few days. He helped me with whatever I needed! I was so grateful for how he sweetly & selflessly served me. Although he had much on his plate, he never made me feel like a hindrance to those things. He gently took, and is taking, such good care of me with a smile on his face. What a blessing you are to me, Beloved. Thank you. :)

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